Preliminary Support Services
Comprehensive proactive services and hardware upgrades are often required to achieve the objective of attaining peak network performance and security. In the long-term, these Preliminary Support Services will greatly contribute to lower maintenance cost and network stability. (These services are basically “one time investments” and are completed within the first sixty days from the commencement of the Jax I T Support Plan.)

Monthly Support Services
The key to maintaining low network maintenance costs is to conduct regular preventive support and 24/7 monitoring. By being proactive network emergencies and user crises are basically eliminated. In the long-term, our Monthly Support Services are designed to reduce costs and manage your network resources in the most effective and efficient manner possible. We will provide regular on-site and remote support to maintain your network based on your requirements and budget. See Support Plan Rates for rates.

While not a replacement for on-site support, remote support is a cost effective and efficient method of managing certain network elements. Remote support is also a rapid solution to remote monitoring alerts. Setup requires a few hours labor and a suitable firewall.

After the completion of Preliminary Support Services, we will provide regular on-site and remote support to maintain the peak performance of your network.

Regular on-site Maintenance Services

In order to maintain stable and secure network performance, our technician will visit your location for a minimum of 4 hours per month to perform on-site proactive services.

Support will include but is not limited to Network Servers, Network firewalls, Antivirus Systems, Backup Systems, and workstations unless otherwise indicated. With each visit an extensive list of tasks are performed and systems are monitored.

This includes but is not limited to:

• Server logs
• Error logs
• Firewall logs
• System events
• Connectivity failures
• Internet/Intranet performance
• Remote access/synchronization
• Public/shared folders
• Hub/switch/router traffic
• Cable and power supply
• DSL/T1/ISDN/Dial-up connection
• Email administration °Disk Storage capacity
• Software application revisions
• Virus protection
• Backup systems
• Printer systems
• Drive performance & mapping

User Support and "on-going" Support

Depending on your requirements Jax IT Solutions will provide training, telephone support, equipment procurement, hardware and software upgrades, will include but is not limited to Network Servers, Network firewalls, Antivirus Systems, trouble-shooting and repair of network infrastructure and computer systems.

Monitoring Options

• Monitoring Support: $50 per month
• Weekly Remote Monitoring: $100.00 per month Per Server -

Technician will remotely connect to your server once a week and check backup-up, virus software, system updates, server logs, e-mail administrations, services, disk space and more.