Wireless Solutions

Need to connect roaming laptops? We keep abreast of changes in the market place as this technology matures and have deployed a number of Wi-Fi solutions. One of the key considerations of wireless networking is security and we have specific solutions to address this

Need to extend your network to another building? A wireless point to point solution may be the answer

Public Hotspots for commercial business:

Are you looking for a way to distinguish your business from your competitors? Do you want new customers? Do you want to increase sales? One way for commercial businesses to distinguish themselves in competitive marketplaces is by providing public Wi-Fi access for their customers.

Wireless Internet access attracts high-income, high-loyalty customers. Signing up for this service will allow you to offer free Wireless Internet access to your customers. Stand out from your competitors and attract more customers to your place by offering this service. We provide complete support for your ease of mind.

Complete Hotel Solutions

If a hotel wants to attract business clientele, broadband access soon will be not a luxury but an absolute necessity.

Research suggests 70% of business travellers carry notebook PCs. 68% expressed interest in Internet Access in hotels. Companies will prefer to hold conferences in a wireless environment.

Wireless networks are the preferred choice for hotel owners, as cabled networks are difficult to install in hotels. Hotels have many rooms, with walls often thick, old or designed to be soundproof, this makes cableing an expensive and difficult task, and adds the threat of structural damage.