Routers and Firewalls

This is where Jax ITS con save you $$. We at Jax IT Solutions use Mikrotik Router OS, Mikrotik Routers are a fraction of the cost compared to a Cisco or Juniper router. Mikrotik Router OS has the cabability to do almost any router or firewall function that the big boys can do. For example, $220.00 in parts cost we can connect to remote offices together over a cable or DSL internet connection. At the same time either office can accept multiple VPN connections from remote users.

Router/firewall management can be more complex — and therefore, risky — than you might think. Let our experts in router configuration supply, monitor and manage a dedicated router and/or firewall for you. What about making sure your router is always secure? Jax ITS routinely applies software and firmware patches to ensure security measures are up-to-date. Jax ITS will provide counsel to define and implement the required rulesets for your managed router/firewall. In addition to standard port-based firewall rules, the configuration may include: NAT (Network Address Translation) VPN (IPSec-based).